Every Person Belongs

Through a family-person centered team approach, we provide individualized services in home communities that promote inclusion.

Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd. has been serving individuals who require support and their families in Northwest BC since 1994 with a staff of over 30 members in 11+ communities.

Our Programs

"thank you for the top notch services from your agency as it is much appreciated from me and the families."

…25 years is an amazing time, especially when you think of the fact that services are provided in Rural and sometimes remote areas.  Over the last 3.5 years it has been an absolute pleasure working with TRC, and You and Tom in particular.  There has been a sense of mutual respect, honest conversation and I have particularly appreciated the professionalism that I have experienced.

Open communication & not feeling alone with the behaviour problems.

Very professional and we are so thankful for the programs placed to support children who have extra needs.

Tom has been such an inspiration and invaluable resource for our organization and the community!!