Our Team

Tom Robinson | Director of Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd.

Tom has worked with services for people who have developmental disabilities for over 40 years. This has encompassed the areas of  residential; vocational; family support and respite; education; recreational/leisure services; training; health promotion; program evaluation, and behaviour consultation. He has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and has worked in Ontario, North West Territories, and British Columbia.  He founded Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd. in 1994.

Juanita Hagman | Program Director for Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd. and Northern Regional Advisor for SCDP

Juanita has worked with children needing extra supports and their families since 1980.  She joined Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd. in 2000. She has worked as a Supported Child Development Consultant, Program Coordinator, and Program Director. Since 2011 Juanita has supported SCD programs throughout the north as the Northern SCDP Advisor. Juanita has a Bachelor of Education and Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Certifications.

Amy McMillan | Consultant for Out of Home Care and Youth in Transition Programs Hazelton, Smithers and Houston

Amy is a mother and has a background in Emergency Health Services and Social Work, and is grateful for all the experience she has gained through parenting and working with children, youth and families over the years. She started with TRCL in 2019 and is the Consultant for the Youth in Transition and Out of Home Care programs.” Amy has a Bachelor of Social Work.

Charlene Duncan | NW Aboriginal SCDP Consultant for Hazeltons & Areas and Witset

Charlene is from the Gitxsan Nation, she is Lax Gibuu (Wolf Clan) and she belongs to the House of Spookw.  She lives in the Gitxsan/Wet’suwet’en community of Hagwilget which is where she raised her two children and her niece. Charlene’s background is in Early Childhood Education with citations in Infant/Toddler and Special Needs.  Although she has worked with children for many years in various capacities, Charlene made the transition to TRCL in January 2007.

Christina Becker | Consultant for NW SCDP and NW Aboriginal SCDP for Smithers and Telkwa

Christina has worked with children in different capacities for 10+ years.  After completing her Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma (2013) with certificates in Infant/Toddler and Special Needs; she went on to complete her Bachelor’s of Child and Youth Care (2016).  She has worked for TRCL as a support worker since 2011 and as a Consultant since January 2017.

Courtney Kettle | Consultant for Supported Child and Youth Program Houston and Autism Support and Child in Care Programs Houston and Smithers

Courtney has worked as an Early Childhood Education assistant in 2010 then started working with Thomas Robinson Consulting LTD as a Support Worker in 2012 until 2020. In July 2020, she became the Acting Program Consultant.

Dixie Oaks | Consultant for Family Preservation Program Smithers and Houston

Dixie has been supporting individuals and families in various capacities since 2014.  After relocating to British Columbia in 2017, Dixie worked as a family service Social Worker supporting vulnerable families requiring extra supports. Dixie has been working for TRCL as a Consultant since June 2020.  Dixie has a Bachelor of Social Work.

Gale Hills | Consultant for NW SCDP in Fort St. James and Fraser Lake; Autism Support Program in Fort St. James , Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, and Burns Lake; Supported Child and Youth Program in Burns Lake

Gale started her career with TRCL in 2003 as a support worker in daycares, preschools, and after school programs in Telkwa and Smithers. In 2007 she began working for School District #54 supporting many children with Autism and earned her Special Education Assistant certificate. After moving to Fort St. James, Gale worked for SD #91 and in TRCL’s Autism Support Program as a support worker. In 2019, Gale became a Consultant in the Nechako/Lakes regions.

Marina Robb | Consultant for NW Supported Child and Youth Program in Houston; Autism Support and Child in Care Programs in Houston and Smithers; Youth in Transition and Alternate Caregiver Supports (Out of Home Care) Programs in Gitxsan and Wet'suwet'en Territories including the Hazeltons, Smithers and surrounding areas, and Houston

Marina is a certified Early Childhood Educator who has been working with children and youth with developmental disabilities since 2008. She started with Thomas Robinson Consulting Ltd. as a support worker in 2017, and became a Consultant the following year. Marina is an ardent believer in growth through facilitated independence and support existing within the context of the family and their community.

Monique Brodie | Consultant for NW SCDP for the Lakes District and Houston and Aboriginal SCDP for Houston

Monique is a licensed Early Childhood Educator. Since 2005, Monique has worked in Aboriginal daycare settings in various positions including daycare worker, preschool supervisor, and daycare manager. She is a parent of six children, one of whom has autism spectrum disorder. She worked for TRCL as a support worker in 2011; and became a Consultant in 2012.

Sharon Mason | Consultant for NW Supported Child and Youth, Autism Support and Child in Care Programs for Hazeltons and area.  Gitxsan Territory and  Wet'suwet'en: Hagwilget. 

Sharon is a licensed Early Childhood Educator as well as Special Education Assistant and has been working in this field for over 25 years.  Sharon has been with TRCL since 2009 both as a support worker and Consultant (2011). Sharon is dedicated to the inclusion of all children in the communities of Hazelton and area.

Taffy Wale | Consultant for NW SCDP in Vanderhoof

Taffy has been working with children and families since 1993.  Her background is in Early Childhood Education with Infant/Toddler and Special Needs Diplomas. Taffy joined TRCL in February 2009, and works as a Consultant in the Nechako region.