Program Values & Principles

Family/Person centered practice:

  • Families know their children best and have the right and responsibility to advocate for them.
  • Family-centered practice aims to support and strengthen parents’ abilities to nurture and enhance their child’s well-being and development. Families will be encouraged to participate to the best of their ability.
  • Each person is entitled to respect and dignity.
  • Each person has value and something to contribute in their home community.
  • Caring relationships enhance any person’s quality of life.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Individual planning:

  • All programs are based on cooperatively developed goals according to the individual needs of the persons served.
  • Shared responsibility: ‘It takes a community’. A team approach supports shared decision making.
  • Early provision of team planning and support services contributes to each person’s development. Service providers are a key partner in community collaboration and program planning. Individualized supports guide the planning.  Some children youth, and adults may require extra supports to be included with their peers.


  • Inclusion supports the rights of all people, to participate actively within their communities.  All families and Individuals have the right to make choices within their communities.
  • All persons have the right to full community inclusion.

Community based approach:

  • All persons need to be welcomed, supported and valued in their communities.  Diversity is to be valued.
  • Outreach model of service delivery.