“The staff are wonderful and are just as invested in ensuring your child’s success as you are as the parent. They Provide a loving and caring environment that really focuses on your child’s strengths, progress & achievements.”

“Open communication & not feeling alone with the behaviour problems”

“Very professional and we are so thankful for the programs placed to support children who have extra needs”

“TRCL has always been about family inclusion…”

“…I watched a child learn that she could communicate, and I watched her world change in that instant…”

“….Tom has been such an inspiration and invaluable resource for our organization and the community!!”



“…There has been a sense of mutual respect, honest conversation and I have particularly appreciated the professionalism that I have experienced.”



“…I had heard that there was this amazing man who was working with families and government to increase services for children with extra support needs and their families in Houston and area…”



“I did not realize the impact this role, and the relationships, would have on the rest of my career…”

“…He never gave up until the needs of a child were met…passionate (Tom is) about his role as an advocate for those who don’t have a voice or who are not ‘heard’…providing services where there were once none…”